Day: October 7, 2015

Injuries are very common in warehousing and other environments where racking I used and there is ongoing work for storage of goods and transportation. However, the aim of any such business should be to ensure that injuries are avoided or reduced to a bare minimum. This usually entails putting in place the right health and safety practices that should be followed by all. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with warehouse racking or racking. Most times the requirements for safety are the same.
Just like in a warehouse where goods are moved about, a vehicle can be considered a smaller warehouse. That is why safety measures should be in place at all times. To be able to implement safety measures, managers working in such places should be educated on the type of accidents that are likely to occur in such environments. The main causes of accidents in such environments include; slips, Trips, working at heights and moving or falling objects. 
While slips are very common in warehousing and storage environments, they can be avoided. The problem with such accidents is that they are seen by working in such environments as trivial hence a lot of thought is not given to it. However, some slips can lead to very terrible accidents that can leave people incapacitated. That is why within such environment where people move about with goods, it is important to ensure that there are no liquids or slippery substances lying carelessly about.
Once water or some other liquid spills, it should be cleaned immediately. Another way to avoid slips is to wear the right footwear. Workers in such environment should be given safety boots which they are supposed to wear at all time while at work. Trips Another common cause of accidents in such environments are trips caused by objects left lying carelessly around. This is one source of accident that can be easily avoided. Everyone working in a storage environment should understand that it is their duty to remove any objects from the passage way. Manual handling After working for sometime those working in storage and warehouse facilities will realize they have issues with their back and other body parts.
There are always problems associated with manually handling goods. The problem here is that such problems only show up later after the person involved may have continuously injured themselves through their actions over a long period of time. Managers should be aware of such risk and take actions to ensure risks from manual handling are reduced. Working at heights and Falling objects Another cause of accidents in storage facilities is like falling objects and working at heights. Ideally, works at heights should be avoided except very necessary. If an employee must work at heights, they should have the right equipment to enable them carry out their work safely.