Glass, Who Needs It

I’m sure everyone has a fear that at some time they are going to confronted with dealing with a broken windscreen or broken glass. The glass used in motor vehicles is laminated glass, for safety and structural strength reasons. Having a 24-hour glass repairs service gave me peace of mind that should I have broken windscreen, that my 24-hour glass repairs service would ensure my car would not be off the road for long. I had the experience when driving on a country road. A passing truck through up a stone and my laminated glass windscreen shattered. Being laminated glass it stayed in one piece, by design, but it was impossible to see clearly. I had an emergency replacement on my hands. Fortunately the commercial 24-hour glass repairs service was able to get in contact with an affiliate in the next town. My commercial 24 hour glass repairs service made the call and arranged pick-up, replacement and repairs to the seals. It was an emergency, but fortunately one that was dealt with without too much disruption.

A few weeks later I had a similar experience. I was late at night when I was woken by a heavy thud followed by the sound of breaking glass. I switched the bedroom light on and stared bleary eyed at the wall at the end of the bed. The large picture mirror that had been on the wall had dropped to the floor and smashed. Mirror glass is unlike laminated glass. It doesn’t shatter and stay together like laminated glass. There were shards of glass strewn across the floor. The real nuisance was the 3am clean up but it wasn’t an emergency and replacement could wait until morning. I called my glass repairers the next morning and that same day they called by, measured, and quoted for replacement mirror glass. The mirror now hangs on heavier duty hooks.

It was about a week later when I was going to office. It was a relatively new commercial building complex, so one might have expected there to be few faults. The outer shade at the front of my street level office had not been fitted into place properly. What was worse was it fell on my car mirror, so it was going to be expensive to replace. The windscreen replacement and clean up only took few hours so there was minimal disruption to my commercial activities. It was an emergency situation, as with my windscreen, unlike the incident with the mirror, which was simply an inconvenient mess. However, glass replacement, including the window repairs, was enough experience with broken glass for me for one month.

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